Daniel Mendler

Daniel Mendler | QA | Quantum physics | Slim | Coding setup | Procrastination | Impostor syndrome | Improving | Languages frameworks | Decompress

- What do you do for work?
- What are you famous or infamous for?
- How did you get into Open Source and Slim?
- How did you get started working on Slim?
- What’s your setup for writing code?
- Do you like working from home, office, coffee shop, …?
- Do you get up early, “normal”, super late, …?
- What about sports or exercise, are you a fan of that?
- Do you have any tips against procrastination?
- How do you deal with impostor syndrome?
- Where do you like to spend your vacations?
- Where do you live and where do you come from?
- What are your favorite programming languages and frameworks?
- What pisses you off?
- How did you improve as a developer?
- What is your opinion about a college education for developers these days?
- Are you a fan of standing desks?
- Do you like meetings or brainstorms while taking a walk?
- What books have you been reading lately?
- What is your secret to decompress?
- What are your favorite cities or places?
- Who do you look up to in the software development world?
- What do you like about working as a developer?

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