Max Luster

Max Luster | QA | 01 | Getting started | Setup | Design | Work | Routine | Exercise | Procrastination | Impostor syndrome | Programming languages

- What do you do for work?
- What are you famous or infamous for?
- How did you start with design?
- What’s your setup that you use for work?
- What do you use for writing code?
- Do you like working from home, office, coffee shop, …?
- Do you get up early, “normal”, super late, …?
- How many hours do you squeeze out of your day for work?
- Do you have any book recommendations maybe?
- Do you have a daily routine?
- What about sports and exercise, are you a fan of that?
- Do you have any tips against procrastination?
- How do you deal with impostor syndrome?
- Where do you live and where do you come from?
- Do you travel much?
- What are your favorite programming languages and frameworks?

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Responsive typography with REMs
Responsive typography with Modular Scale
Responsive typography with chained media queries