Phil Buckley

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- What is tricky about building project management software?
- How do you update old, grey enterprise software and design for the present?
- I was wondering how a big company like Oracle fosters innovation and creativity?
- Can you talk about your day-to-day life at Oracle?
- What’s it like to deal with all the management in such a big shop?
- What do you think about the future of managers in software shops? Will these positions more and more vanish over time?
- It would be awesome if you could walk us through the process of designing and developing a new feature on your team?
- How are developers organized? Are there like frontend and backend people or everyboby is full-stack…?
- What would you say is the median age of developers there?
- What do designers need to be capable of at Oracle?
- What would you change if you would be CEO tomorrow for the rest of your life?

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